What is Pengame?
An action platformer game for PC, with fully voice acted campaign. The game is drawn and animated by hand, frame by frame. Frame by frame I said! Be amazed!

What's the story?
A highschool kid, bored of his arse, keeps drawing stuff in his notebook during classes. All the drawings are living together in a peaceful chaos, but then the kid draws the Teacher in the notebook. Since the Teacher is the most evil entity in the world, everything goes to hell. The kid draws a champion to battle the evil Teacher and restore balance in the notebook, and whatnot...

Who are you?
Chris. I'm the writer. What's your name? Wanna go out sometimes?

I mean who are the people making the game, not you, weird FAQ writer!
The game is developed and produced by Rogue Relay Entertainment. All design work is done by Double Design. Altogether 4 people. We also have a publisher, 1C Company who take care of marketing and distribution for us, among some other stuff.

A publisher you say? I thought you were indie! I've been tricked. This is outrageous! Lies! Subterfuge!
Hold your horses there, son! We are absolutely indie. Our publisher does only that: publishing. They can't and won't influence the development of the game in any way, shape or form.

Release date?
The game will be released in the future. (Right now we are aiming for Q1 2017.)

I want to give you money! Where can I pre-order?
No pre-ordering at the moment, sorry about that. If you still want to give us all your money you may donate (link is in the menu). Donations will enable us to eat during development.

Where are you releasing the game?
If you mean gaming platfomrs: Windows, PC; XBox One; Playstation 4. If you meant distribution: All digital distribution platforms you can think of, including Steam, GamersGate, GoG, the Humble Store, and more. Also on our own website, right here.

How about early access?
We don't like early access. We want you to play the full game in all its glory.

What about minimum system specs?
It goes something like this: Pixel Shader 3.0 compatibile video card. Processor: Anything faster than a toaster. RAM: 2GB at least, may work with less though. SSD is recommended.
All this may change in the future, though.

I have other questions!
Do you? Write an e-mail then (playtheconceptart@gmail.com), or something, don't let me hanging, man! Just make sure to sign it as "Frequent Question Asker" so I'd know it's from you.