Pengame is a completely hand drawn, single player action platformer.

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Play as Stickman, the chosen one, hero of the notebook, and true king of England. Everybody calls him #5, but don't you worry about that nuisance! Fight your way through the notebook of a 16 years old student, who made the mistake of drawing the most evil thing in the universe: The Teacher! You must defeat Her, before the corruption consumes everything in the book!

Pengame is an action-platformer with a unique, completely hand drawn aesthetic style. Take on dozens of enemies utilizing everything in your arzenal - ranged and melee weapons, special powers, your acrobatic skills and time manipulating abilities. Keep the combat fluid, don't get hit, and defeat everything that comes between you and your goal!

Key Features:
♦ Fully voice acted campaign with a unique story, and characters.
♦ All hand drawn graphics, everything animated frame by frame.
♦ 50+ different enemy types.
♦ Dozens of unique bossfights!
♦ Huge semi-linear levels.
♦ Skill based acrobatic combat system - choose your unique skill set, and upgrade your weapon arzenal!
♦ Win against impossible odds thanks to your time manipulating abilities!
♦ Inventive arcade mode game types to play: Timeking of the Hill, Survival of the Fittest, Hell tower Defense, The Grim Reaper.

Connect with us casually

Explore Investment, Innovation & Creativity... We are attending Casual connect in Berlin from february 7th till february 9th. So, tomorrow... yes yes, we are on top of our game with social media...

2017. február 8. szerda

Central European Startup Awards

So, one of our things is that we're constantly hunting for tiny little colourful badges for our AWARDS page. We like trophies, what can we say...

2016. október 15. szombat

Gamescom 2016 – The aftermath

What a week! There were games, there were laughs, there was controversy, there were cosplayers, there was drama, there were a metric loads of press people, and of course there were a gajillion Funko Pop Head figurines...

2016. augusztus 21. vasárnap


Amazing development! Twitch specifically asked for us to appear on their Gamescom stream. Sweet Lord! Follow the link below to watch our interview.

2016. augusztus 19. péntek

Meet us at Gamescom 2016!

We are attending Gamescom in Cologne, Germany this year (08.16-08.21). If you haven't heard of Gamescom, it's a small, humble gathering of around 300 000 people (everyone knows everyone, really) interested in video games (mainly hand-drawn action shooters). We'll be around from Wednesday till Friday, mainly in the business area at 1C's booth. If you got a business pass you can just come in any time and try the game(Fight your way through London and face the Queen of Hearts! Exciting!). Or if you don’t have a business pass just try to look important, maybe you can get in. Or, alternatively, we’ll be in the public area for a couple of hours on Thursday (from 3:00 PM, till 6:00 PM).

2016. augusztus 1. hétfő

Pengame Steam page & press release

Well, it’s official. We have a Steam page now. Not much to do there yet... You can follow Pengame, or put it on your wishlist, or just stare at it for hours (it is very aesthetically pleasing).

2016. július 8. péntek

Xbox One and PS4 release

Some good news. Of course I ruined the surprise with the title. Damnit. Well, act surprised anyway: Thanks to our lovely publisher 1C, Pengame will be released on Xbox One and PS4 as well!

2016. július 7. csütörtök

We got a publisher – Enter 1C

„WHAT?! How can you do this to us Pengame developer team, of whom I don’t exactly remember the name of... Rogue Relay, yeah, that’s it. Maybe stop changing your name, sir, than we’ll remember. BUT! Back to me being offended! You got a PUBLISHER?! How dare you? That’s not the indie way! You’re supposed to be all cool, and hip, and independent, and starving and everything, not this corporate sellout thing. You disgust me on such a level, it cannot be described through words. You literally ruined my life Rogue Relay. You dirty bastards! You ruined it! You had to blow it up! etc. etc. Yours angry Angry Fan”

2016. július 5. kedd

Outstanding Visuals & Outstanding Gameplay

Well this is it, Reboot develop is over, and we are back to our boring, gray, sea- and sunless regular lifes, working during the day, and developing during the night, like some sort of superheroes (Rick does wear pantaloons for coding... It’s weird! I know, right?).

2016. május 2. hétfő

We are at Reboot Develop 2016

Reboot Develop is a conference focused strictly on gaming industry professionals such as game developers, artists, PR and marketing experts, sales and publishing representatives. And us. How did that happen...?

2016. április 28. csütörtök

Website launch

We are proud to announce: our website, has officially launched!

Let's talk about why you should hang around on this site instead of Reddit from now on: obviously this is the place to find all your Pengame related news, views and comments, everything you want to know about the gameplay, aesthetic or story.

2016. április 28. csütörtök